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Romance for Busy Couples

  1. Email. Send emails to each other as much as possible (without upsetting your work flow - or your boss). Instant messaging works great, as well. This way you can stay in communication all day and not feel so bad that you can’t be together more.

  2. Order gifts online. Want to show your appreciation and love for your sweetie, but have no time to go to the store? Shop online and for an added bonus, have the gift sent to you partner’s office. This will not only surprise him or her, but they will be the envy of the office for having such a great mate!

  3. Take virtual vacations. Don’t have the time to hop a plane to Europe? How about renting a documentary about France, having a wine and cheese picnic on the floor in front of the TV and speaking in whatever high school French you remember? Find fun ways to fulfill your dreams if you can’t actually go away.

  4. Leave voicemails for each other. Email too impersonal? Why not leave little message on each other’s voice mail. Here you can say what you want, how you want - sexy, sweet, funny - and it’s much faster than sending email!

  5. Have lunch dates. Can’t find the time to go out to dinner? Why not go out to lunch. Hook up midday and grab a quick bite to eat. You will get to see you sweetie at an unusual time of day and you can think about them for the rest of the afternoon!

  6. Schedule dates. Relationships cannot survive on lunch dates alone, so be sure to schedule actual dates occasionally - a movie, dinner on the weekend, a party with friends. This will keep so normalcy in an otherwise hectic schedule.

  7. Business trips to pleasure trips. Travel a lot on business? Why not turn a business trip into one for pleasure. You will only need to buy one airfare and the hotel is already paid for, plus, in whatever downtime you have from work, you can explore the town together and have fun out of your normal environment.
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