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By Kerry Klatt

Explore Pine Island by way of bicycle - it's free!

PINE ISLAND, MN (FOX 47) Through a community effort, folks in Pine Island are restoring a historical landmark in the town, and giving residents an opportunity to explore the town in a unique way.  And it's free!

The program called "Borrow-a-Bike" is still in its early stages, but the group's founders say they already have about 50 bikes waiting to be checked-out and put to good use.

They chose the historic Butter-Factory to be the hub of operations, and they're in the process of fixing-up this old factory by putting in new windows and doors.

They say by summer it should be a place for people to come, check out a bike and ride around the town for free.

Organizers say they received a city grant to fund the endevour.

"The $15,000 grant given to the city so the community had to decide what kind of projects they wanted to do with this money, and this happens to be one of them," says organizer Roy Larson.

Organizers say this will give residents an opportunity to get daily exercise for free, and to get out in the town and enjoy trails.

It's especially good for those who don't have the means to purchase a bicycle, says Larson.

Many bikes have been donated by the city, and from folks in the area who didn't have any use for their old bicycles.

The group is always looking for more donations.

Larson says the program's big kick off is set for June 12th, the start of Pine Island's Cheese Festival.


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