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Welcome to Gentling

Gentling Dental Care provides quality dental care accompanied by excellent customer service.  We believe in the theories of modern dental care which do not support the old premise of "When it hurts - fix it."  Through proper preventative dental care and regular checkups, we believe that most of our patients can expect to keep their teeth healthy throughout their lives.

Our patients can expect from us:

  • The highest degree of professional skill and ability
  • A dedication to your oral health care
  • A minimization of costly reconstructive work through proper preventive care
  • Maximum effort to make your visits as comfortable as possible
  • The right treatment at the right time
  • Reasonable fees for the services provided

In return, we request from our patients:

  • Cooperation in making and keeping appointments
  • A conscientious effort toward good oral hygiene
  • Recall visits to maintain optimum oral health
  • An arrangement for the payment of fees at the time of service

In order for our relationship to be mutually satisfying an beneficial, we ask that if at any time you have question or are concerned about any treatment (proposed of performed) or service received from our "Dental Team," please discuss it with us promptly and openly.

We look forward to meeting the dental care needs for you and your family.

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