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Art show at the Covered Bridge

ZUMBROTA, MN (FOX 47) -- One local art class is leaving the art gallery for an unusual setting.

For the first time ever, University of Minnesota-Rochester campus students hosted a Senior Art Exhibition at Zumbrota's historic Covered Bridge.

The students displayed their artwork, showcasing a variety of techniques, including digital photography and computer art.

The class says they wanted their final showcase to be in a unique setting that would be free to the public.

Betsy Hunt, an Art Instructor, says, "We were just exploring alternative spaces to exhibit work besides gallery spaces, and we also wanted to do it independently as a class, so we went on a field trip and we visited all these different spaces we decided this space because it was open to the public."

Plus, this unique setting gave the students an opportunity to be creative with the placement of their artwork.




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