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April 26th Weigh-In

Congratulations to all of our Biggest Loser participants!  We would like to recognize this week's Biggest Losers.

Our top three teams which lost the biggest percentage are:

Fat Aces: 16.8% lost
Scrubby Betties: 10.4 % lost
Healthy Histos: 7.8% lost

The top men biggest losers:

Paul Skifton from Fat Aces lost  25.1%
Bruce Gundmundson from Fat Aces lost 13.8%
Jerome Garry from Enormous Eagles lost 9.7%

The top women biggest losers:

Holly Schlink from Fat Aces lost 16.1%
Amy Farid-Fawzy from Healthy Histos lost 12.5%
Tanya Reiman from Scrubby Betties lost 11.5%
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