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Meet Our Team

Dental Assistants

L-R: Kelsy, Diamond,
Shalona, Amanda, Jane

When you come in for an appointment, you will see Dr. Overby and one of our friendly dental assistants.  Together they have almost 60 years of orthodontic experience! And besides being excellent at what they do, they are a lot of fun too!

Kelsy is married and has two dogs.  Her favorites include the movie Elf, the tv show Entourage, and eating cheese!  A skill she wishes she had: surfing

Diamond loves musicals, Manicotti, and the TV show LOST, and her favorite thing about Dr. Overby is that he is down-to-earth and akes his time to answer any questions. A skill she wishes she had: being a car mechanic.

Shalona is married and has a dog named Jones. Her favorite thing about Dr. Overby is his dance moves, AND the fact that he is a GREAT person to work for!  Shalona loves camping and her favorite tv show of all time is Friends.  She hates to admit she's a reality tv junkie!

Amanda is married and has two daughters.  She loves country music and any food from a grill, and would love to be an activities director at a tropical resort.

Jane is celebrating 30 years of service!  She is married with two children, loves to spend her summers showing cars and attended the 2009 Nascar All-Star race.

Treatment Coordinators

L-R: Jill, Amanda, Trudi

Our Treatment Coordinators will help to educate you about Orthodontics and your options for treatment, and help schedule appointments.  They will answer any question you might have regarding treatment, appointments, scheduling, accounts, and insurance.

Jill is married with three children and a new granddaughter!  She loves HGTV, Dove bars, the movie ‘The Great Outdoors, and her favorite part of her job is getting to know all of the families who come through our doors.

Amanda  has over 10 years of orthodontic experience.  Her favorite thing about Dr. Overby is that he cares about his patients and employees like they were family.

Trudi is celebrating 20 years of service!  She has two sons and loves Seafood and any music from the 80's.  A show she hates to admit she has watched: Rock of Love.

Lab Technicians

L-R: Laurie, Marge

Between Laurie and Marge, there is over 50 years of orthodontic experience!  Laurie and Marge work tirelessly to fabricate orthodontic appliances and retainers for our patients.

Laurie has two children and her favorite movie is Ghost & Mr. Chicken.  She loves Mexican food and wishes she could sing better!

Marge loves her coworkers and being able to use her creative skills when making appliances. She is an accomplished artist and loves James Bond movies and seafood; if she could have any skill, she would try figure skating.

Office Manager

Taylor Bliese

Taylor handles business matters such as accounts payable and receivable, HR and benefits, payroll, marketing, and computers/network maintenance.

Taylor loves the movies White Christmas and Gone with the Wind, the book The Last Sin Eater, and wishes she could be an Opera Singer.  She is married with a daughter and loves renovating her 1910 home.

Eric R. Overby, DDS, MS

Eric R. Overby, DDS, MS

Dr. Overby is married with twin Daughters.  His favorite thing about being an orthodontist is not only the smiling faces of children and teens who get their braces removed, but the smiling faces of their parents as well.  He is proud of the Staff and their dedication to the quality of work they do.

Dr. Overby loves George Strait, sushi, and the movie Caddy Shack, and wishes he had more building/construction skills! 

Dr. Overby is an avid runner and has run several marathons.  He also organizes an 8K  each September that benefits the Hormel Nature Center in Austin, MN. 

You can trust your smile to Overby Orthodontics

The Overby Orthodontics Team is a close-knit group that is excited to see patients each day!

Our dedicated team has many members celebrating 10, 20 and even 30 years working together, and working for your healthy, beautiful smile.  With that kind of experience, you know you can trust your smile to us!
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