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Why are the fish dead?

ST. CHARLES, MN (FOX 47) -- Floating upstream from the site of the St. Charles fire are dead fish.

We visited the land of Alli and Rod Kittleson in St. Charles on the Whitewater River.

They said they discovered the fish on Saturday while working in their garden.

They called 911 and a game warden was sent out to the scene to look at the fish.

The Kittleson's talked with mayor Bill Spitzer earlier Sunday who said the dead fish could be a result of firefighting.

Rod Kittleson says, "He indicated that a lot of the water that the firefighters were putting on the fire was going down the drains in the factory and going into the sewer system and from the sewer system they were killing off microbes and they had to drain some of that into the river."

The Kittleson's were expecting the MPCA to come and test the waters Sunday.

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