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American captain held captive

MOMBASSA PORT, KENYA (KTTC DT) -- An American-flagged ship reached safe harbor in Kenya Saturday, but its captain remained the hostage of somali pirates. Crew members say the captain saved their lives, and a company official described it as a harrowing survival story.

As night fell in Kenya, heavily armed American sailors made sure the Maersk Alabama made it safely to shore.

These crew members are now safe, but the piracy drama won't be over as long as their captain, Richard Phillips, is being held hostage by the somalis who stormed their ship.

As they arrived, crew members were considered witnesses to a crime, and questioned by the FBI.

At their home port in Virginia, company officials were focused on their homecoming.

Captain Phillips was being held by four Somali pirates, aboard a lifeboat like this one.

Two navy warships blockaded the boat as negotiators tried to secure his release.

Meanwhile Somali tribal leaders and relatives began their own negotiations, trying to win safe passage

For the pirates.

US officials are working to capture the pirates at sea, because they can be held accountable under US law.

The shipping company has established a special email where you can send messages of support for the captain, the crew, and their family and friends.

It is: Maerskalabamasupport@maerskline-usa.Com

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