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Mayo Clinic closes unit, takes back job offers


ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- There's new evidence that the recession is beginning to have an impact on Mayo Clinic.  A spokesperson confirmed late Wednesday that Mayo Clinic has closed a patient care unit.

"Today's economic environment requires Mayo Clinic to continually evaluate patient volumes and allocate our resources efficiently," said John Murphy from the Department of Public Affairs. "Because of patient volumes, one patient care unit has been closed and is being combined with other units."

The name of the unit has not been released, we're told around 40 people worked in it and they are being reassigned to other units.

Mayo Clinic has also rescinded some current job offers.  A source tells FOX 47 those job offers were to RNs who were supposed to start between May and September.

Murphy says Mayo is working with employee candidates to "manage any inconvenience this has caused."

Just four months ago, Mayo disclosed it was going to give all of its employees a 3% pay increase in early 2009.  But as the recession has deepened across much of the U.S., it has quietly taken steps to tighten the financial belt. 

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