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By Crystal Oko

Bouncing Back

ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-DT) -- Earlier this evening, the NewsCenter helped you "Bounce Back."

Our newsroom became a call center for those looking for jobs, or who had questions about the job process.

8 experts from the Rochester Workforce Center were on hand to answer your calls.

Questions were of a wide variety.

Everything from how to write a good resume, to where can I go to look for a job.

The Workforce Center has one answer- come visit them.

New unemployment numbers paint a picture of a bleak job market.

"It's difficult. And I know a lot of people are getting discouraged. Just hang in there," said Jeremy Hildman of the Rochester Workforce Center.

But the Workforce Center says don't worry, they're here to help.

And the help is needed, judging by how busy the 8 experts from the Rochester Workforce Center were during "Bouncing Back- the KTTC Connection."

So what were the most common questions?

"I'm getting people that are talking about how they haven't done a resume before. And they would like some assistance with that," said Hildman.

"Questions dealing with follow-up phone calls after interviews. When's the proper time to call. When should I expect an answer?," said Jody Schaber, manager at the Rochester Workforce Center.

Schaber suggests waiting a week, then make a "thank-you" phone call and ask for the job's status.

"I did suggest to them to follow up with a thank-you note and re-enforcing that they really appreciated the time. That they also wanted to continue the job," said Susan Bowman, also of the Rochester Workforce Center.

Another big question? What if you haven't been working, how do you fill in the gaps?

"If you do any volunteer time, you can put that down as a viable connecting piece. Fill the holes. If you are doing any specific training. List that as well. A lot of people are saying, or thinking, oh gosh, I've been out of the workforce for a year who would want me now," said Schaber.

But no matter what the question was- the experts had one answer- don't give up!

"Looking for work is a full-time job. Stay with it. Don't get discouraged," said Bowman.

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