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By Chris Hrapsky

Tips that could help you keep a job

ROCHESTER , MN (KTTC-DT) -- Besides your work experience resume, how does your work skills and work attitude resume look?

Lynda Hyberger with Rochester Workforce Center says, "They put the time, the energy into hiring you and most likely training you for that specific job. They want to keep you for a while."

Workforce Development Training Coordinator Lynda Hyberger has a top five list of things to ask yourself: Why does my company want me around?

Number one: How do you balance family and work? Are you able to make sacrifices and compromises for both?

Number two is problem solving. Why ask your boss for the answer to something you could have gotten on your own with a little extra work? Be self-reliable and dependent when it comes to problem solving.

Third: What are you like as a co-worker?

Hyberger says, "What's it like to get along with my team members? How do I get along with my supervisor? How do I follow directions? How am I a good team member?

Fourth on the list? Goals. What are they? Do you want a new adventure or a promotion? Are you too comfortable to learn something further?

Hyberger says I think if you understand and want to be connected to your job, that you listen and want to learn from your employees and co-workers, I think it could be a good experience, that willingness to learn and willingness to listen.

Finally, know what your boss expects from you. If on-time means late in the eyes of your boss, than be sure to show up early. Never be afraid to ask what is expected and how you are doing with those expectations.

These tips are just a reminder that it takes work, to be a better worker.

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