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By Crystal Oko

Looking for a job in a recession


ROCHESTER, MN (KTTC-TV) -- If you lost your job, what kind of skills do you need to get a new one?

What kind of skills do you need?

There's always those basic skills such as being able to find a job opening, filling out an application completely and neatly and being able to write a good resume.

But in the job market now, there's one skill that is key to getting a job.

"Given the job climate, people need to really ratchet it up in intensity," said Bruce Thompson.

So what do you need to do to get that job that possibly hundreds others are applying for?

The first piece of advice, network.

"Everyone you know should know that you are looking for work and what type of work you are looking for," said Thompson.

Thompson says 80% of jobs now-a-days go unposted, so you need to continue to network, but also you must be able to sell yourself.

Your new job is a salesperson, selling your skills. Something Thompson says employers are yearning for.

"Many of them say that people cannot effectively describe their skills," said Thompson.

You must be able to speak intelligently and openly about the jobs you have had and the skills you have acquired at each job. And to set yourself apart, you should give examples.

"Any accomplishments, say you were a part of a production team in a manufacturing setting that increase production by 28%, you need to highlight that. Or in retail, part of a sales team that improved the sales situation, anything like that. Anything that can differentiate that applicant from all the rest of the folks," said Thompson.

And the last piece of advice, educate yourself. You should know what employers want in a resume, application, and interview and do all of them without error.

"Even one typo could be a problem," said Thompson.

"It's almost as if employers are looking for reasons to knock people out," said Thompson.

Thompson says some people have issues talking about their skills because they feel like they are bragging.

But he says being able to articulate what you can do for an employer, can get you a job.

On Thursday from 5 to 7 we'll have experts from the workforce development in the KTTC Newsroom, answering your questions.

Even the commissioner of the Department of Employment and Economic Development, Dan McElroy will be here giving us the latest insights on the job market.

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