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By Fanna Haile-Selassie

Spring weather - it's finally arrived

ROCHESTER, MN (FOX 47) -- What else could people have been thinking about Sunday, but the beautiful weather we had all weekend long. Whether or not it will last is another question. But whatever that answer, on Sunday, spring was on many peoples' minds.

The snow continues to melt as temperatures push 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And for many, the first thing that comes to mind, are the flowers of spring. An especially cold winter reminds us just how nice spring can be.

Since the end of Valentine's Day, Carousel has been preparing for the spring rush. Already, many gardeners are planning what kind daffodils and tulips they'll grow.

"People are excited. You know, they can't really go out and work in their yards yet, but they're excited. They're planning their gardens. They're wanting to look at fountains, and all the things we have to offer that they can beautify their yards and their patios," exclaims Carousel designer Jeanne Copple.

For others, all they need is warm weather and open pavement. Runners and dog-walkers alike took advantage of the 50 degree weather. All around parks and neighborhoods, signs of spring were showing. Many parents and children had to experience the warm up.

And for drivers...

"It's a good day for spring cleaning of my car."

Car washes tend to have many customers on days like this. If you're going drive around town with the windows down, the car has got to look good.

"Everybody's out washing their car; it's a great day to do it," explains Mark Oswald, Simoniz manager. "They come in, and we've had such, you know the snow and the salt, now it's finally time for everybody to get that washed out from underneath the cars now. So it's a perfect day for it."

Oswald says people tend to also get all their detailing done as the weather warms up.

But however you spent the day, hopefully, it was outdoors.

Remember, this is your last weekend of winter. Spring officially rolls in this Friday.

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