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Horner backs Jeff Johnson for governor Video included

A former Independence Party candidate for governor comes to Rochester to show his support for the Jeff Johnson ticket. More>>

Franken leads McFadden by double digits

A new poll shows U.S. Sen. Al Franken with a double-digit lead over Republican challenger Mike McFadden in his campaign for a second term, but the number of likely voters who are undecided is also in the double digits. More>>

Republican Party holds candidate rally in St. Charles Video included

The Republican Party held a candidate rally Thursday night at St. Charles City Hall for people to meet and support candidates. More>>

New terror fight casts shadow over 9/11 ceremonies


The nation's gathering war against a new upsurge in Islamic terror hung heavy over the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks Thursday, stirring both anxiety and determination among those who came to ground zero to... More>>

Obama's counterterror plans

A long-term U.S. intervention in the Middle East isn't what President Barack Obama had in mind when he ran for president on a pledge to end the war in Iraq. More>>

Obama to give speech Wednesday on Islamic State

President Barack Obama plans to begin laying out his strategy for defeating Islamic State militants expanding their grip in Iraq and Syria. More>>

US, European leaders express solidarity with Ukraine

A White House official says President Barack Obama and four European leaders express solidarity with Ukraine today in a meeting with that country's president, and agreed that Russia should be punished for its conduct in Ukraine. More>>

Obama: US won't be deterred

President Barack Obama says Americans will not be intimidated by the "horrific" violence of Islamic State militants after the beheading of a second U.S. journalist. More>>

Obama leaves for Baltics today

President Barack Obama leaves today for Estonia for meetings with Baltic leaders before traveling to Wales for a NATO summit. More>>

NEW: 2016 GOP hopefuls vie for attention at Texas event

A parade of potential 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls will be on display at an influential conservative group's annual summit. More>>

Franken pivots to McFadden in latest ad

U.S. Sen. Al Franken's campaign is slowly shifting course by drawing attention to his Republican opponent. More>>

Sources: US considering new relief mission in Iraq

U.S. defense officials say the Obama administration is considering launching a humanitarian relief operation for Shiite Turkmen in northern Iraq who have been under siege for weeks by Islamic State militants. More>>

Dayton, Johnson get big public money for race

Gov. Mark Dayton and Republican challenger Jeff Johnson are getting big infusions of public money for their campaigns. More>>

Immigration shaping up as a leading election issue

Republican Congressman Scott Perry says immigration has become a top concern for voters in his southeast Pennsylvania district in light of the crisis of Central American children on the Texas border. He says voters are very upset -- even more than about the health care law or the deficit. More>>

US official: More airstrikes in Iraq

American fighter jets and drones continued to pound Islamic State militants in Iraq on Wednesday, and military planners weighed the possibility of sending a small number of additional U.S. troops to Baghdad, U.S. officials said, even as the insurgents threatened to kill a second American captive in retribution for any continued attacks. More>>

US officials: Military mulling more troops to Iraq

U.S. officials say military planners are weighing the possibility of sending more American forces to Iraq mainly to provide additional security around Baghdad. More>>

House Democrats' campaign arm has $57M banked

House Democrats' uphill effort to oust Republicans from their majority raised almost $12 million last month and has close to $57 million saved. More>>

Preview of Tuesday's primary election

Although turnout for Tuesday's primary election is expected to be low, there are several races getting a lot of attention. More>>

Reports: hundreds of Ukraine soldiers flee to Russia

Russia's Interfax news agency is reporting that more than 400 Ukrainian soldiers have crossed the border into Russia and deserted the Kiev government. More>>

UN rights chief: Flight 17 possible war crime

(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda). An emergency worker cuts through aircraft seat belts to free the body of a victim at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine, Saturday, July 19, 2014. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda). An emergency worker cuts through aircraft seat belts to free the body of a victim at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 near the village of Hrabove, eastern Ukraine, Saturday, July 19, 2014.

U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay says the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 may be a war crime. More>>

Gaza fighting rages amid cease-fire bid

(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis). Smoke from an Israeli strike rises over Gaza City, Tuesday, July 22, 2014. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis). Smoke from an Israeli strike rises over Gaza City, Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

Gaza health officials say the death toll from an Israeli strike on a compound housing a U.N. school in the northern Gaza Strip has risen to at least 15. More>>

Kerry says progress in Gaza cease-fire talks

Secretary of State John Kerry says negotiations toward a cease-fire agreement in the Gaza Strip are making some progress after days of a deadly impasse between Israel and Hamas militants. More>>

UPDATE: Kerry: Cease-fire isn't enough

(AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis). Smoke from an Israeli strike rises over Gaza City, Tuesday, July 22, 2014. (AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis). Smoke from an Israeli strike rises over Gaza City, Tuesday, July 22, 2014.

The immediate goal is a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas -- but Secretary of State John Kerry says, "Just reaching a cease-fire is clearly not enough." More>>

Obama: Plane shot down by missile, 1 American dead

The United States began building a case Friday that would pin the blame for the downing of the passenger jet over Ukraine on separatist forces supported by Russia. President Barack Obama said one American was among the nearly 300 killed in an disaster that could dramatically escalate the crisis in Ukraine. More>>

Climate politics group falling short of money goal

A super PAC backed by environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer is falling far short of its goal to raise $100 million to put climate change at the forefront of the 2014 midterm elections. More>>

Minnesota governor's race eases into TV ad phase

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) -- Republican candidate Scott Honour has put up a round of television ads ahead of next month's primary election to determine his party's nominee for governor.Honour adviser Pat Shortridge says the ads are airing statewide on cable television, specifically the Fox News Channel. That station is viewed as prime ground to connect with GOP voters. The businessman is spending up to $20,000 for the initial run of his no-frills ads, where he presents himself as an outsider.He's ... More>>

EEOC issues new guidelines for pregnant workers

For the first time in 30 years, the federal government is issuing new guidelines designed to protect pregnant workers from on-the-job discrimination. More>>

Obama to press for action on transportation funds

President Barack Obama will press Congress this week to keep highway and transit aid flowing to states. More>>

Fall elections loom over governors' meeting

Partisan divisions over immigration, education and health care are intensifying as dozens of the nation's governors meet just months before elections thick with presidential implications. More>>

US seeks better teachers for high-needs schools

The Education Department is announcing a new initiative to attract quality teachers to the schools that need them most. More>>

Justices to take up pregnancy discrimination case

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court will take up the pregnancy discrimination claims of a package delivery driver for UPS who was refused a light duty assignment so she could continue working while pregnant.UPS driver Peggy Young lost her health benefits when UPS would not grant her light duty or allow her to continue her regular job. Young says the company allows employees with some medical conditions to perform jobs in which they can avoid lifting heavy packages. She returned to work after... More>>

Iraqi PM calls on Iraqi politicians to unite

Iraq's prime minister is calling on his nation's political blocs to close ranks in the face of Sunni militants but gave no concrete promise of greater political inclusiveness for minority Sunnis. More>>

IRS head says no laws broken in loss of emails

The head of the IRS says he's seen no evidence anyone committed a crime when the agency lost emails that might shed light on the agency's targeting of political groups. More>>

Obama encouraging family-friendly work policies

President Barack Obama is encouraging more employers to adopt family-friendly policies by hosting a daylong summit. More>>

House Democrats' campaign arm raises $7.3M in May

House Democrats' campaign arm says it raised $7.3 million last month. More>>

Religious conservatives to judge top Republicans

Some of the Republican Party's most ambitious leaders are courting religious conservatives as evangelical officials claim new momentum in their fight for the GOP's soul. More>>

Pentagon: Benghazi suspect in US custody

A Libyan militant who is suspected in the Benghazi attack is now in U.S. custody. That announcement from the Pentagon marks the first time the U.S. has apprehended one of the people who allegedly carried out that attack -- which killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. More>>

Kerry: US open to talks with Iran over Iraq

Secretary of State John Kerry says the Obama administration is willing to talk with Iran over deteriorating security conditions in Iraq and is not ruling out potential U.S.-Iranian military cooperation in stemming the advance of Sunni extremists.

Romney tries to re-emerge as force in GOP politics

Mitt Romney once feared that he would be viewed as "a loser for life" if he failed to win the presidency. In this midterm election year, the former presidential nominee is trying to re-emerge as a force in Republican politics. More>>

Tea party rejoicing at Cantor's defeat

Still in shock at the defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, his colleagues are offering post mortems and hoping it's not contagious. More>>

College presidents express support for Common Core

Higher education leaders in 33 states have announced the formation of a coalition in support of Common Core standards rolling out in most states. More>>

Audit: Over 57,000 awaiting initial appointments

The Veterans Affairs Department says more than 57,000 patients are still waiting for initial medical appointments at VA hospitals and clinics 90 days or more after requesting them.

UPDATE: Obama, Putin meet; 1st time since Ukraine crisis

The White House says President Barack Obama has spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the margins of a lunch for world leaders during D-Day commemorations in France. More>>

Ukraine diplomacy kicks into high gear at G-7

Diplomatic efforts to resolve the months-long standoff between Ukraine and Russia are kicking into high gear in two European capitals. More>>

Last day to file for office in Minnesota arrives

The last day to enter the hunt for a state, federal or judicial office in Minnesota has arrived.Candidates have until 5 p.m. Tuesday to file for office. More>>

EPA to seek to cut power plant carbon by one-third

The first national limits on carbon dioxide, seen as a major contributor to global warming, could be final by next year. More>>

House Democrats' campaign arm reserves $44M in ads

House Democrats are ready to empty their deep pockets for television ads as they continue an uphill climb to oust Republicans from their majority. More>>

RNC files lawsuit to raise unlimited cash

The Republican National Committee is suing the Federal Election Commission so it can raise unlimited cash would help federal candijust like super PACs. More>>

Being a Minnesota candidate requires signup soon

Everybody who has ever wanted their name on an election ballot in Minnesota can take that step for the next two weeks. More>>

House Dems' campaign arm raises $7.1M in April

House Democrats' campaign arm raised $7.1 million in April and has more than $43 million in the bank. More>>

Senate GOP committee raises $6m in April

By PHILIP ELLIOTTAssociated PressWASHINGTON (AP) -- The Republican committee that helps elect senators raised more than $6 million in April.The National Republican Senatorial Committee has almost $22 million in the bank. The committee released a fundraising summary Friday showing it has raised close to $60 million for this election cycle. The committee reports carrying no debt.The Democratic senatorial committee is expected to release its totals next week. The group ended March with about $22... More>>

US official: Russia could face more sanctions

A senior State Department official says that if Russia plays a role in disrupting the May 25 presidential election in Ukraine, the U.S. and European Union will move to impose additional economic sanctions against Moscow. More>>

UN: Wars internally displace 33.3 million in 2013

United Nations and Norwegian officials say a record 33.3 million people worldwide were displaced by conflict and violence inside their own nations in 2013. More>>

Availability of state-funded pre-K varies widely

A new report says the availability of state-funded pre-kindergarten programs varies widely from one part of the country to another. More>>

Putin hails annexation of Crimea

President Vladimir Putin has hailed Crimea's incorporation into Russia. More>>

Obama taps tech world for cash amid privacy debate

President Barack Obama is attending high-dollar Democratic Party fundraisers hosted by Silicon Valley executives, drawing attention to the complicated relationship between the president and the high-tech industry. More>>

US sees no sign of troop pullback

A Pentagon spokesman says if Russian troops were really pulling back from the border with Ukraine, then "we would know."

UPDATE: Federal report says warming is disrupting Americans' lives

A new federal scientific report says global warming is rapidly turning America the beautiful into America the stormy, sneezy and dangerous. And those shining seas? Rising and costly. More>>

UPDATE: Fighting in east Ukraine kills 4 troops, wounds 30

Ukraine's military appears to be stepping up its efforts to bring eastern and southern Ukraine back under government control. More>>

In South Sudan, Kerry calls for end to violence

South Sudan's president has agreed to meet with his rival as soon as next week to jumpstart peace talks that have been stalled for months and possibly lay groundwork for a new government to bring the world's newest nation out of bloodshed. More>>

Former Justice Stevens to talk campaign finance

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is among those urging Congress to rein in spending on elections. More>>

Chamber's ad buy aims to lift establishment GOP

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is launching ads this week in North Carolina and Georgia in a crunch-time effort to help establishment-backed Republicans in crowded Senate primaries. More>>

Possible GOP presidential candidates to court NRA

Several potential Republican contenders for president will court gun-rights supporters at the NRA's annual convention.Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum are set to speak Friday at the convention's leadership forum. More>>

Obama dines at famous sushi restaurant

Tomorrow, President Barack Obama holds bilateral talks in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. More>>

Streaming TV case before Supreme Court on Tuesday

The Supreme Court is taking up a dispute between broadcasters and an Internet startup company that has the potential to bring big changes to the television industry. More>>

White House sets no deadline for Russia on Ukraine

The White House says the U.S. government is still trying to determine who was responsible for Sunday's deadly shootout in eastern Ukraine and did not specify when Russia would have to meet the terms of a Geneva agreement for containing tensions in the former Soviet state. More>>

Advice to Democrats: Don't say `recovery'

Election-year memo to Democratic candidates: Don't talk about the economic recovery. It's a political loser. More>>

Obama praises Biden, but doesn't endorse for 2016

President Barack Obama is keeping to himself his favorite to succeed him in the White House. More>>

Obama, Biden to announce $600M for job grants

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are hitting the road to trumpet $600 million in new competitive grants to spur creation of targeted training and apprenticeship programs that could help people land well-paying jobs. More>>

Holder urges approval of $15M for shooter training

Attorney General Eric Holder is urging Congress to approve $15 million for training law enforcement officers in handling shooting rampages. More>>

Obama, Republicans compete for support among women

President Barack Obama and the Republican Party already are competing hard for the support of women in the November elections. More>>

Sebelius, a lightning rod for critics, resigns

For five years, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been a lightning rod for critics of President Barack Obama's health care law. More>>

House panel to hold contempt vote on IRS official

A House committee is voting whether to hold a former Internal Revenue Service official in contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questions at a pair of hearings. More>>

Reprising grim role, Obama to grieve at Fort Hood

President Barack Obama is returning once again to a grief-stricken corner of America to mourn with families of those killed last week at Fort Hood. He's reprising his role as chief comforter as he offers solace to the nation in the face of another tragedy. More>>

Research: Most states improve election performance

A new report by a nonpartisan public policy group says Americans spent an average of three minutes less standing in line to vote in the 2012 presidential election than they did four years earlier. An exception was Florida, where the wait increased by 16 minutes. More>>

GM on the hot seat

The new CEO for General Motors is headed to Capitol Hill today to answer questions about the defect in some of the automaker's small cars that's linked to 13 deaths. More>>

Kerry to meet with Palestinian leader in Jordan

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has arrived in Jordan for a meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas as foundering Mideast peace talks approach a critical deadline. More>>

Democrats see openings in congressional departures

House Democrats' hopes of mitigating the damage in the midterm elections lie in the suburbs of Virginia, near the covered bridges of Iowa's Madison County and near New Jersey's Pine Barrens. More>>

Reid asks for computer examination in CIA dispute

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has asked the Senate's chief law enforcement officer to examine the Intelligence Committee's computers. More>>

Biden says more sanctions coming for Russia

Vice President Joe Biden says the world has seen through Russia's actions in Crimea and will impose more sanctions on Russia. More>>

Crimea moves to integrate financially with Russia

Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula is taking steps to integrate its financial system with Russia's - including adopting the ruble currency - after the region overwhelmingly voted in favor of seceding and seeking to join Russia. More>>

APNewsBreak: Candidate faces challenge after OWI

A Democrat running for the Iowa Senate is facing a challenge to his candidacy that claims he's been disqualified to serve after a recent operating while intoxicated conviction. More>>

CIA lawyer at center of computer snooping clash

The CIA lawyer accused by the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee of trying to intimidate the panel over its probe of the agency's secret prisons and harsh interrogations of terror suspects was himself involved in the controversial programs. More>>

Senate OKs bill to combat military sexual assault

The Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill late Monday making big changes in the military justice system to deal with sexual assault, including scrapping the nearly century-old practice of using a "good soldier defense" to raise doubts that a crime has been committed. More>>

Obama discusses Ukraine with Chinese leader

President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping have agreed on the importance of upholding Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. More>>

Congress rushing to put in place Russia sanctions

Congress is rushing to put in place hard-hitting sanctions on Russia in response to its takeover of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula, hoping Europe will follow the lead of the United States in upping the pressure on President Vladimir Putin's government. More>>

GOP, deficit hawks pan Obama's $3.9T budget

Republicans are dismissing President Barack Obama's new $3.9 trillion budget as nothing more than a Democratic manifesto for this fall's congressional campaigns. More>>

Franken: Regrets traffic-cone video

U.S. Sen. Al Franken says he regrets a video in which he's shown holding two traffic cones to his chest like breasts. More>>

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