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Scaramucci tells Trump 'yes,' then apologizes for past words


One of Anthony Scaramucci's first acts after accepting President Donald Trump's offer to be the new White House communications director was to apologize to Trump. More>>

Spicer exits as Trump shakes up his beleaguered press team Video included


New York financier Anthony Scaramucci is under consideration to join the Trump administration as communications director. More>>

Trump administration pulls health law help in 18 cities


Shoppers will have fewer places to turn for help signing up for coverage on the Affordable Care Act's insurance exchanges after President Donald Trump's administration ended contracts that brought assistance into 18 cities. More>>

Former spy officials criticize Trump's stance on Russia


Two former top intelligence officials are harshly criticizing President Donald Trump for not standing up to Russia for meddling in the presidential election. More>>

Trump to review security risks from fewer US factories


President Donald Trump plans to review the U.S. manufacturing base and supply chains because of possible national security risks. More>>

Analysis: Trump Sessions comments show penchant for shaming Video included


The art of humiliation appears to be a key operating principle for President Donald Trump, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the latest example of the ease with which Trump is willing to air grievances about members of his team. More>>

Q&A: How Trump could help sink Obama health law


How Trump could help sink Obama health law by withholding subsidy payments to insurers and declining to enforce the mandate to buy coverage. More>>

Trump exhorts Senate anew to rid US of Obamacare


President Donald Trump says it's probably time to "just let Obamacare fail" after the latest humiliating heath bill collapse in the Senate. More>>

Report: Trump ends covert plan to arm Syrian rebels


President Donald Trump had decided to halt the CIA's years-long covert program to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels battling the regime of the nation's president Bashar al-Assad. More>>

Trump's embrace of Russia making top advisers wary


President Donald Trump had another, previously undisclosed conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a summit in Germany this month. More>>

Doctors: Sen. John McCain has brain tumor Video included


Doctors say Arizona Sen. John McCain has a brain tumor associated with a blood clot that was removed last week. More>>

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