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Men in Nursing promotes opportunities in female-dominated field Video included

The United States Census Bureau shows that healthcare is one of the fastest-growing job fields in the nation; however, with 3.5 million nurses employed, only 9-percent are men.


US flu season gets worse, has 'lot more steam' than expected


Nasty US flu season gets worse, has 'lot more steam' than expected. More>>

Peace be with you, but no touching: Flu season altering Mass


Widespread influenza across Maine has prompted the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland to alter some traditions to keep parishioners healthy. More>>

Blood test to detect 8 cancers early gives promising results


Scientists are reporting progress on a blood test to detect many types of cancer at an early stage. More>>

Widespread influenza spike across Minnesota Video included

The Minnesota State Department of Health says influenza surveillance indicators show the flu continues to increase across the state and is now listed in it's highest category of widespread. 


Anti-smoking plan may kill cigarettes--and save Big Tobacco

Imagine if cigarettes were no longer addictive and smoking itself became almost obsolete; only a tiny segment of Americans still lit up.


Hospital groups creating company to make cheap generic drugs


Several not-for-profit hospital groups will address drug shortages and high prices by creating a company to make cheaper generic drugs. More>>

Science panel backs lower drunken driving threshold


A prestigious scientific panel is recommending states significantly lower their drunken driving threshold, saying 10,000 alcohol-impaired driving deaths a year are unacceptable and 'entirely preventable'. More>>

Scientists seek super-shot for flu 100 years after pandemic


Scientists hunting universal vaccine to protect against regular winter flu _ and the next super-flu, too. More>>

MNsure boasts 116K signups in record year

Minnesota's health insurance exchange says it enrolled more than 116,000 residents in plans this year.


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