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Concerns increase in Wisconsin over deal for Foxconn plant

Concerns are rising among lawmakers and others in Wisconsin over what incentives the state may offer to land a massive new Foxconn manufacturing plant.


Iowa firm tied to truck deaths has history of legal problems


The small Iowa trucking company linked to the deadly case of immigrant smuggling in Texas has a history of safety and tax violations and financial problems. More>>

UW Study: Single-sport athletes at higher risk of injury

A new study suggests prep athletes who specialize in one sport are more prone to injury than others who play multiple sports.


Documented oldest man passes away at age 111

The man thought to be the oldest living American has died.


Driver charged in crash that injured officer Video included

Criminal charges have been filed against a woman accused of striking and critically injuring a Green Bay area police officer while driving drunk.


Western Wisconsin residents rebuild after fatal tornado

Residents in western Wisconsin are slowly recovering from a tornado that killed one person, injured 25 and caused at least $10 million in damage.


Elderly Cassville couple face "complete loss" after heavy flooding

An elderly couple's home in Cassville has been deemed a "complete loss" after heavy flooding rushed through the area on Saturday. 


In Minneapolis, fake sign warns of 'easily startled' police Video included

The fatal shooting of an Australian woman by a Minneapolis police officer has sparked the posting of at least two fake street signs warning people of "easily startled" officers.


Wisconsin company to implant microchips in employees Video included

A company in Wisconsin is about to become the first in the US to offer microchip implants to its employees. 


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