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Flu causing strain on saline supplies at some WI hospitals Video included

A nationwide flu epidemic has hospitals scrambling to stock essential supplies people need to get healthy, which are already in short supply.


Walker wants to move up youth prison closure

Gov. Scott Walker wants to close Wisconsin's troubled youth prison earlier than first planned.


Two students injured when semi hits school in Lyle

Two students are injured at a school in Lyle after a semi crashes into the building Tuesday morning.


Impersonating on social media would be crime under bill

Impersonating someone on social media would be made a crime under a bill up for a vote in the Wisconsin Assembly.


Assembly to vote on breast density alert bill

The Wisconsin Assembly is set to vote on a bill that would require mammogram providers to notify women if they have dense breast tissue.


Schimel builds money advantage over Kaul in AG race

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel

Republican Attorney General Brad Schimel has the money edge over Democratic opponent Josh Kaul going into the new year.


Businessman Gronik spends $450,000 on campaign

Milwaukee businessman Andy Gronik has spent $450,000 of his own money in the Democratic race for governor.


Witness: Victim dared gunman to shoot him

A passenger who was with a driver fatally shot in a roadside confrontation in Rochester says the victim dared the armed motorist to shoot him after the two were involved in a collision.


Measles alert issued for Chicago O'Hare air travelers Video included

A measles alert was issued Monday, four days after an air passenger who was diagnosed with the highly contagious virus passed through two terminals at Chicago O'Hare International Airport.


Rochester woman with a legal green card was stopped from returning to the U.S.

A married couple was stuck in Puerto Vallarta for three days trying to figure out how to get back to the U.S.


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